Marqués de Arviza

Who We Are ?

Marqués de Arviza, official wine distributor of the Spanish Royal Family, is one of the oldest wineries of La Rioja, dating back to 1874. Our facilities are built over more than 500 meters of original XVI and XVII century “calados” (underground cellars). 

We are resolve to offer exceptional wines with a great personality, trying to reflect the land where they come from and identifying the potential that each parcel and variety has to offer so as to develop every style of wine. Located in the town of Clavijo, our vineyards enjoy a continental micro-climate that favors the further vinification process.

The selection of grapes takes place in a sorting table both in the cellar and in the vineyard. Afterwards, the grapes are pressed in original 1874 concrete vats that keep a suitable temperature for the entire alcoholic and malolactic fermentation process.