Wine Supply Guys Co.

Wine Supply Guys

Who We Are ?

Wine Supply Guys Co. was created in New Zealand by Robbie Douglas and Paul Douglas as a boutique, export focussed, wine and beverage company, helping key vineyards and wine labels in New Zealand and Australia improve their product efficiency in exporting to key global markets.

With an Antipodean approach of being nimble, thinking outside the square and providing key consulting and exporting options and supply chain solutions, specifically catered to the global markets requirements and helping key New Zealand & Australian vineyards and wine labels maximise their exporting potential. is different. We are an export lead, wine and beverage company that works as an intermediary with between our vineyards and our off-shore distributors that are motivated to access our client’s product and position accordingly to the specific requirements. 

Strategic Brand Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management and ongoing marketing support to all stakeholders, is what keeps our little candle burning at night, whilst our competitors are sleeping at night. 

Our vineyards in New Zealand and Australia have been specially selected based on their unique and premium quality of products, to truly show the potential and exceptional provenance of ‘New-World’ wine to the world.

Wine Supply Guys Co. believe in doing things better for the betterment of all in a sustainable, ethical and economically sound way.